W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

The W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a subsidiary of Fairfax County Retired Educators, Inc. (FCRE).

In an effort to encourage the most academically qualified students to enter the teaching profession, the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation is pleased to be able to offer several $2,000 one-time scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors in a Fairfax County Public High/Secondary School who will be attending college or a university with plans to specialize in education. Applications will be available to all FCPS high/secondary schools through the College/Career Center specialists. 

The scholarship awards offered by the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation cannot happen without your help. On behalf of the talented and dedicated students from Fairfax County Public Schools, your generosity to the Foundation is needed.  Contributions are vital to helping the Foundation provide financial aid to deserving students. We hope you will extend your loyal support to the Foundation and consider giving a gift.  All gifts to the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation are deeply appreciated.

Ways to Give
There are many ways to give to the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation, and each gift is vital to continuing the Foundation's mission to provide financial aid to deserving students with aspirations of becoming an educator. 

Send a check made payable to the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation to:
Fairfax County Retired Educators
P.O. Box 682 
Springfield, VA 22150-0682

Publicly Traded Securities
Readily marketable securities, such as those traded on a stock exchange, will be accepted. Appreciated securities held longer than a year and a day are deductible for their fair market value at the time of the gift and incur no capital gains tax. Depreciated securities should be sold by the donor to take advantage of the deductible loss and the proceeds then contributed by the donor as a cash gift. The W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation will acknowledge receipt of marketable securities, but establishing the value of those securities is the responsibility of the donor. Gifts of securities will normally be liquidated within two weeks or as soon as practicable. Please call 703-923-9877 or email fcre@fcre.org before making a gift of stock. 

Closely held Securities
Non-publicly traded securities may be accepted. Prior to acceptance, the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors will explore methods and timing of liquidation of such securities through redemption or sale. The Board will try to determine an estimate of fair market value, any restrictions on transfer, and whether and when an initial public offering might be anticipated. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of  such securities, but establishing the value of those securities is the responsibility of the donor. Please call 703-923-9877 or email fcre@fcre.org before making a gift of stock. 

A bequest in your will is the most well-known and commonly-used way to direct a gift from your estate. You can leave the W. Harold Ford Scholarship Foundation a specific amount, a specific percentage of your full estate, or your entire estate. A residuary bequest means that you leave the Foundation the residue of your estate after all other specific bequests are made. A contingent bequest means that you make the gift dependent on certain events, such as your heirs predeceasing you. 

Scholarship Application for Interested High School Graduating Seniors

Download the Scholarship Application (PDF document) here: 2021 Regular Application
Completed application and supporting materials must be submitted to Career Center Specialist by the date determined by high school. Deadline for high school's submission to FCRE is April 30, 2021.

Re-Apply Application for Current Scholarship Recipients

Students who are presently receiving a W. Harold Ford Foundation scholarship may re-apply to continue such scholarship.  
Download the Application to Re-Apply (PDF document) here: 2021 Re-Apply Application
Completed application and attachments are to be mailed by April 30, 2021 to:
   Phyllis Rittman
   Scholarship Director
   Fairfax County Retired Educators
   P.O. Box 682
   Springfield, VA 22150-0682