FCPS Open Enrollment

Open enrollment will be October 14 to November 8, 2019.  The Retiree Benefits Briefing will be sent in October.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Silver Sneakers Program

Members have access to over 13,000 participating locations, where you can work out with cardio and strength training equipment, attend fitness classes, and access pools and saunas. You can also download Silver Sneakers Go, a mobile fitness app that will provide on-demand workout programs and personalized advice to help you achieve your fitness goals. For more information on Silver Sneakers, visit the Aetna Medicare website at http://fcps.aetnamedicare.com, click on the “Live Well” dropdown menu and then click on “Gym Memberships & Fitness Classes”.

Kaiser Permanente Cost Plus/Medicare Advantage Silver & Fit Program

Members can choose from two convenient options – a Fitness Center Membership or a Home Fitness Program. The Silver & Fit Fitness Center Membership gives you a free membership to the fitness center of your choice within Silver & Fit's broad network of participating locations. With this option, you can work out with cardio and strength training equipment, attend fitness classes, and access pools and saunas. If you would prefer to work out at home, Silver & Fit’s Home Fitness Program might be for you! To get started, visit the Kaiser website at http://my.kp.org/fcps, click on “Plans and Services”, and then click on “Silver & Fit Program”.

 (August 14-22, 2020) and CHARMING FRENCH CANADA (July 17-26, 2020)

Thursday, January 9 at 2 PM
at the FCRE office


Thursday, January 16 at 2 PM
at the Shillelagh Office

Toby’s Dinner Theatre for
“A Christmas Story” and buffet lunch
9 AM TO 5 PM
For more information:
call 703-242-2204

Update Your Email Address


If you have changed your email address, please remember to notify the FCRE office so we can keep our database up to date. Either call 703-923-9877 or send an email to: membership@fcre.org

Health Plan Recommendation

Do not, under any circumstances, withdraw from your FCPS-sponsored Health Plan. If you do, you cannot reenter!

Workhouse Arts Center

Be sure to check out the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center for their most recent schedule of events! Go to http://www.WorkhouseArts.org for information or call 703-584-2900.